Bespoke website development in Tunbridge Wells

Depth of Focus is a web development consultancy based in Tunbridge Wells, specialising in customised content management systems for small businesses.

Depth of Focus offers:

  • Bespoke content management systems tailored to your requirements
  • Customised installations of popular open source systems such as WordPress, Question2Answer and Magento
  • Advice on how best to make use of popular ‘cloud-based’ applications and tools
  • Design awareness: Clean web design with in-house skills and design partners, and years of experience in integrating designs from customers
  • Web-oriented photography, such as location photography, products and headshots
  • Hosting management and advice.

If you’d like to discuss website development, please get in touch via the contact form or by email.

Example client sites

Paul Dunton & Guests

Bespoke content management system for a music events/venue website, with a database of artists and events, as well as news and content pages. Created a new web design implemented around brand assets (logo, background). Advice on hosting. Depth of Focus also maintains the Paul Dunton & Guests mailing list, sending cleanly designed mailers monthly.


Bespoke content management system for a website aimed at enthusiasts of automatic exchange betting. Full website design integrated across three separate sites. Members area linked into purchase screens and a subscription data delivery service providing horse racing data in SQL format. Custom WordPress and Question2Answer installations. Hosting support.

John Payne Estate Agents

Bespoke property website management system for an excellent multi-branch independent estate agent. Database populated automatically from a third-party portal data feed. Customer’s own in-house web design implemented on bespoke web front end to meet their specific requirements. Developed and built a custom mobile website interface based on the customer’s design brief. Hosting setup, maintenance and advice.

Electric Lantern Festival

Past support for the Electric Lantern Festival has included customised WordPress installations, with custom post types for festival events and a design based on customer assets. For the 2013 festival, Depth Of Focus is providing setup, hosting, bespoke form-handling code, and advice, based around a site design from the organisers.

The White Olive

Customised WordPress installation, including setup of a third party plugin for multilingual support. Full website design. Hosting setup and advice. Location photography.

Royce Service & Engineering

Bespoke vehicle sales website management system for a specialist car service and sales business. Full website design based around customer’s existing logo, colour scheme and photography. Hosting setup.